An introduction to REVĪVŌ

REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts are sustainable wellness hotels offering comprehensive, personalised retreats teaching self-awareness, mindfulness and different practices that ensure mind-body balance, vitality and happiness.

Each property provides a range of wellness programs inspired by local ancient healing traditions and designed to maintain or improve specific emotional, physical, and mental health conditions. REVĪVŌ Wellness Retreats aspire to be a holistic transformational experience that is tailor-made and results-driven.

OUR MISSION is to provide beautiful, safe, and supportive environments to encourage and help our guests enrich their lives by guiding them on a journey to self-discovery, healing, and ultimately, towards mind-body harmony and happiness.


OUR VISION is for REVĪVŌ to become an internationally renowned wellness brand known for facilitating personalised and transformative retreat experiences whilst positively supporting local communities and partaking in regenerative practices in the hopes of creating a healthier and harmonious future.




We are committed to making the world of today and tomorrow more sustainable by ensuring our resorts are 100% plastic-free and that they contribute to local development. By sourcing locally, providing only the best quality natural products, growing our own hydroponic vegetables and supporting local Balinese artisans, we strive to continue a sustainable approach in all we do.