A Guest's View, Testimonials.

Kathy C, April 2022

From the moment you enter the grounds you are embraced by the age old teak forest set on three hectares in the southern tip of Bali. The staff are there for your every need. The specially curated wellness programs are complemented with the perfectly delicious meals for each. Portions are abundant, with a lovely presentation. The state of the art equipment in the gym, fully outfitted yoga space, with a wide range of programs are run by well trained trainers staff that are all excellent. The spas programs are well suited for the individualised wellness program you choose, which makes everything so seamless and easy. Of course don’t forget the cold and hot plunge, the infrared sauna, and the pools. They have it all! Well worth your time, for your emotional and physical health and well being. Enjoy!

"They have it all! "

Lella F, April 2022

I checked in for a two night getaway in Revivo. Service was superb, everybody makes you feel so welcome with a huge smile. The food was great and not to be missed, treat yourself to a massage at the spa. I went twice during our stay, and the therapists were top notch.
Thank you Revivo!

"Thank you Revivo!"

The Potty Traveller, August 2020

I was lucky enough to spend some time at this fabulous resort on July … I cannot rate it highly enough . The attention to detail is fabulous – an extremely calming and excellently designed hotel- taking care of your every need. If you are feeling tired , looking for Luxury- treat yourself .. it is well worth it ! The staff are super friendly whilst being very professional – with just the right level of support.

"I wish I could come here every year!"

Live Essences, August 2020

We had the most relaxing and nourishing day at REVĪVŌ. We chilled by the pool meeting with friends and had a delicious lunch and coffee. The spa facilities, steam in the changing rooms and ice and hot pool outside with the jacuzzi was a true delight. We felt so tranquil and relaxed that we almost didn’t want to leave. Very special place with super calming, grounding and nourishing vibe. Staff and service were excellent and super friendly. We will be back for sure!

"We had the most relaxing and nourishing day at Revivo"

Wellnesstraveler, August 2020

This review is long overdue, but finally found the time to write it!

I stayed at REVĪVŌ for a whole week, taking part in one of their wellness retreats and I have to say the experience did not disappoint. From the moment I stepped out of the plane, the experience already starts with someone picking you up and fast-tracking you through security.

Once at the property, they kindly upgraded me to a poolside suite, which was super spacious and with a private pool to be shared with the suite next door. Besides the private pool, there was also a common big pool which one could use if they wanted more space and wasn’t crowded at all, so perfect for relaxing.

"From the moment I stepped out of the plane, the experience already starts with someone picking you up and fast-tracking you through security."

The property itself was super clean, while keeping the traditional Bali elements in their decor. The staff was also super friendly and helpful, even accommodating my super late checkout and letting me stay at the room until 8pm that night.

Food wise, I was quite impressed! I didn’t eat a piece of bread in that whole week, and I didn’t even miss it. They have an extensive menu to spice up your lunch/dinner and make sure you enjoy eating healthy.

The daily classes were also super enjoyable and beginner-friendly. They were also very flexible in changing my schedule to better suit my needs, which I really appreciated. If you decide to go, don’t miss the HIIT class with Aya and the water yoga with Dr Sudhin. The first one makes you work hard and the second one is super fun.

All in all, would recommend to anyone looking to reset or need an escape from the daily life. It is definitely a place where you will find other solo travellers looking for a reset. I can’t wait for the opportunity to come back again.

Departure56250396090, March 2020

Yoga Paradise

An ideal place for those who want to understand the harmony between their mind and body. The hotel perfectly combines practical yoga, sports and nutrition classes. Excellent territory, excellent staff and service.

FellowTraveler303462, January 2020

Being a young professional, I was in need a retreat and REVĪVŌ had the best hospitality and service I’ve ever encountered. Everyone on staff is a professional and go above and beyond. Revivo is a gem…I’ll be back and recommend to anyone else visiting Bali.