An Introduction to REVĪVŌ

OUR MISSION is to provide a beautiful, safe and supportive environment to encourage and help our guests enrich their lives by guiding them on a journey to self-discovery, healing, and ultimately, towards mind-body harmony and happiness.

OUR VISION is for REVĪVŌ to become an internationally renowned wellness brand known for facilitating personalized and transformative retreat experiences whilst positively supporting local communities and partaking in regenerative practices in the hopes of creating a healthier and harmonious future. 


A commitment to Sustainable Development

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Environment & Health

We are committed to making today’s and tomorrow’s world more sustainable and significantly reducing our environmental impact through green best-practices in operations, maintenance, services, products, and supplies. The core elements revolve around reducing waste, saving energy, and cutting down on water usage


Sourcing locally

We exclusively partner with local businesses like Gaya Ceramics from Ubud, Bali, for our custom ceramic designs and The Republic of Soap for chemical-free body care products. These collaborations reflect our commitment to supporting and promoting local Bali craftsmanship and sustainable practices.


Permaculture Gardens

Hidden behind our Luxury accommodation is REVĪVO’s own organic, permaculture herb and vegetable garden which is used to harvest nearly all of the nutritious plant-based foods on offer on the resort menu including fresh, crisp lettuce, kale and other leafy greens to radishes and carrots.


What they say about us


Celebrate with REVĪVŌ

REVĪVŌ’s team will ensure your wedding or celebration is as you imagine. Focusing our attention on the smallest details, our team of dedicated event specialists can ensure you have a bespoke event like no other.

Whether you are planning on traveling as a couple, as part of a larger bridal party, or even to renew your vows, let us assist in creating a memorable celebration 



The REVĪVŌ' Vitality Centre

At our Vitality Centre, we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness through our innovative and rejuvenating IV therapy treatments.

Our carefully curated selection of IV infusions is designed to meet a variety of health needs, from hydration and energy boosting to skin rejuvenation and immune support.

Whether you’re seeking a quick energy boost, immune support, or a comprehensive wellness enhancement, our Vitality Centre offers the perfect IV therapy solution for you


Recharge in a French Castle of Wellbeing

REVĪVŌ Wellness is bringing the soul-soothing magic of the Island of Gods to select destinations in Europe. In collaboration with our esteemed sister brand, The Pavilions Hotel group, we are set to redefine the spa experience by introducing multiple luxurious spas, each infused with the essence of authentic Balinese therapies and transformative offerings.

Opened early 2022 and situated a short 45 minute drive from Toulouse, Château de Fiac is a 16 Bedroomed, luxury sanctuary where the charm of historic Tarn blends seamlessly with elegant contemporary lifestyle.

Set amid a picturesque village and a bi-centennial 3-hectare park, FIAC is distinguished by spectacular panoramic views, superlative facilities, and incorporates a REVĪVO Spa and Balneotherapy to compliment the stunning luxury hotel experience.

Recharge your energy and indulge your senses and discover yourself in a French castle of excellence and well-being to restore and revive your inner balance.