Spa Immersive Circuits

For a quintessential taste of the REVĪVŌ philosophy, our signature spa circuits are a wonderful place to start. There are two to choose from half or full-day circuit, inspired by the healing traditions of Bali, India, Thailand and China. Wherever in the world, your treatment takes you, it will begin with a foot cleaning and a complete session of hydrotherapy pools to make your body completely relaxed. During this, your therapist will consult with you to make sure your treatment is entirely tailored to your needs.


The REMISSIŌ Circuit Half Day combines a class at MOVEŌ to use your energy, a holistic treatment of your choice to release muscle pain, a steam or infrared sauna session for deep relaxation, a foot cleansing and a healthy lunch to conclude the detox.


The REMISSIŌ Circuit Full Day combines a class at MOVEŌ to use your energy, a body massage of your choice to release muscle pain, a steam or infrared sauna session for deep relaxation, a scrub & wrap soften your skin, a Thalasso session or foot cleansing and healthy lunch to conclude the detox.

REMISSIŌ Facilities


Gentle soothing rain from our 7 suspended, fully adjustable shower heads relaxes the body and mind, while custom blended aromatherapy and steam cleanse the respiratory system. Hydrotherapeutic jets can be intensified for deep tissue massage and improved circulation. We suggest having the shower before a massage to enhance deep relaxation.


Enjoy alternatively and following a recommended pattern: Hot and Cold plunge pools, Jacuzzi, Steam room and infrared sauna.



Nurture your body, mind and spirit with this deeply relaxing session by incorporating hands-on energetic healing into your massage treatment.


In addition to a blend of some specialised massage techniques: gemstones, Ayurveda and aromatic oils, the Chakra Balancing healing massage incorporates energy work that brings you on a unique journey to tap into your body’s natural healing abilities.


Our revolutionary O2 facial vows to leave you exfoliated, illuminated, and oxygenated. Packed with fruit enzymes, oxygen, and plant stem cells, this natural treatment is gentle enough even for brides the morning-of, unveiling luminosity you probably haven’t seen in years!


While wrapped in organic seaweed leaf, you’ll be treated to a cleansing of the face followed by a facial and scalp massage. The treatment concludes with a full-body application of detoxifying oil and hydrating moisturiser for tightening and sculpting the skin, leaving the skin looking and feeling tighter and smoother.


A natural solution for the fast-paced urbanite, this holistic ritual begins with deeply relaxing hydro pools session, followed by a full-body exfoliating crystal salts scrub to lift dirt and toxins. The treatment continues with local herbs infused steam bath. Then you will receive a 90min aromatherapy massage – mix of shiatsu, Swedish and aromatic oils techniques, which will be performed by expert therapists who not only have the technical skills but a deep sense of spiritual care and well-being. Finally, a soothing blend eucalyptus and lavender eye treatment will bring relief to tired, and puffy eyes.


The perfect treatment for total relaxation and increased vigor. Start with the hydro pools circuit to increase the feeling of relaxation and the body’s ability to absorb trace elements, vitamins and enzymes more efficiently. Follow with a full-body scrub mix of rare and natural elements that will invigorate, relax and revitalize the epidermis – and thus your entire body. Follow by a stimulating Vichy shower rinse to refresh the skin and improve blood circulation. The final step is a full-body healing stone massage to treat sore, and tired muscles.


A stimulating exfoliation treatment using the therapist’s healing touch and a complex combination of crystals and essential oils to rejuvenate the skin and senses. This tropical-island inspired treatment includes a hydro pools session and a full-body clay and lemongrass hydration that will leave one feeling renewed.


The 3 days cleansing program is about bringing more delicious, nourishing, alkaline-forming plant foods into your diet — while reducing the intake of acidic, toxin-rich foods.


First, the therapist uses texturised gloves to encourage circulation and lymphatic flow. That will be followed by an invigorating massage with an essential oil blend to further stimulate circulation. Next, you will be wrapped with linens infused with aromatic herbs to aid perspiration, release impurities and ease overworked muscles. Stress will definitely melt away as you will then enjoy a face and scalp massage. The treatment will conclude with a traditional herbal bath, allowing your body to cool down gradually.


First, relax your body through a hydro pools circuit session. Your inflamed skin is then relieved with a herb-infused aloe vera and cucumber distillate exfoliation. Then a body mask application of delicious coconut cream with cucumber and aloe vera hydrates and soothes the skin. While the skin cools down and begins a repair process, a luxurious coconut oil scalp massage is performed. The treatment is finished with an application of a soothing, healing serum, followed by a regenerating and protective moisturizing antioxidant body oil to soothe and continue the repair process.


Mother-to-be, Couples and Bride Journeys


During pregnancy, your body is continually adjusting and sometimes needs a little help along the way. Using only natural, organic oils our mum-to-be treatment is the perfect way to indulge in some pre or post-pregnancy pampering. Start with a rich foot soak followed by a dry skin brushing and a gentle exfoliation. You will then receive a relaxing massage assorted with an intense nourishing mask on stretch mark prone areas and finish with a face reviver. This treatment will help you to feel completely relaxed, nourishing and protecting your skin during this special time.


Start with a warm herbal foot wash to release your swollen foot, followed by a leg exfoliation and massage. End your pampering time with a relaxing seated head & shoulders massage.


Explore the connection between mind, body and spirit with this truly holistic treatment combination. A private gentle yoga session followed by a Balinese gong “sound bath” for you and your loved one instils awareness of the connection between our physical, emotional and spiritual selves – breathing, stretching, mantras and poses will be tailored to your needs before a deeply soothing Balinese massage with warm essential oils. The soothing, tension-focused massage takes in the whole body, reinforcing the benefits of your yoga. A singing bowl session will complete this ritual. A true indulgence for mind, body and spirit — this treatment creates a precious memory that will stay with you after you leave us. Women will have a 30 min extra treatment called V Spa (traditional name: Ratus), famous Indonesian treatment that helps decrease vaginal stress, aid infertility, help manage menstrual cycle and also fight a number of vaginal infections.


Inspired by a precious 17th-century Indonesian royal wedding ritual this unique, Bliss for Two is the ideal way to prepare for your big day or to celebrate with a loved one. Your therapist will invite you into your private Spa Suite with a traditional Balinese welcome ceremony. Lavender and coconut are combined for warming body exfoliation, preparing mind and body for the sensational aromatherapy massage. Using traditional Balinese methods and highly effective essential oils this massage will restore energy balance. A natural facial will complete this idyllic ritual.


V SPA or traditionally called Ratus (pronounced “rah-toos”) involves engulfing one’s vagina with herbal vapours while sitting atop a stool with a hole in the centre. The vapour carries the volatile essential oils from the herbs to the labia, where they are supposedly absorbed through the delicate skin. The steam is also said to enter the vagina, where it detoxifies the tissue and warms the muscles.


Congratulations to all brides-to-be! Come enjoy a deluxe spa experience from REVĪVŌ to prepare yourself to look at your best on your big day! Start with the traditional V SPA treatment followed by a flower bath. Continue with a delightful body massage to relax your senses and finish with a complete manicure and pedicure. What’s even better? Enjoy a complimentary drink at the end of your treatments.


For all bachelorettes planning to host a bridal shower, we have the solution for the Bride-to-be and for you. Enjoy a relaxing moment before the wedding. A free drink will be served to each Bachelorette at the end of the treatments.


REMISSIŌ Signature Facials


This skin regeneration treatment combines the innovative Janssen anti-ageing active products together with the microdermabrasion technique to erode the dead skin layer, stimulate new collagen production and form a care concept for timeless beauty. The trained therapist targets problem areas on your face for a full 90-minute session, which includes an ultrasonic peeling to revitalise the skin, a jowl-lifting treatment to help contour the jowl line, and microcurrent technology to lift and firm sagging skin. The latter uses leading anti-ageing technology, wherein tiny electrical impulses are meant to mirror the body’s own bioelectrical field, softening lines and wrinkles and increasing collagen and elastin — the two essential contributors to younger-looking skin.


Rejuvenate your skin with a gentle exfoliation using 100% natural products based on your skin type. Then enjoy a superconcentrated nutrients mask followed by an invigorating mineral facial using proven-effective anti-ageing ingredients, maximising radiance and rejuvenation.


This eye smoother treatment includes pre-cleanse, skin reading, exfoliation, Shiatu massage, eye and forehead areas massage; as well as a power treatment and mask, and finishes in beauty with the application of an under eye and lid smoother with galvanic polarity.


This facial delivers Pure Oxygen and vitamins directly into the skin. Skin cells are detoxified, oxygenated and nourished to make your skin glow and to promote the long term health and beauty of the complexion. A stream of high-pressurised oxygen infused with botanical, vitamin, mineral, and nutrient extracts is applied to the face and neck. The oxygen absorbs the moisturising agents into the skin for a smoother, plumper look, providing a healthy glow.


This facial specially designed for men begins with a Skin Reading, followed by a deep cleansing and exfoliation to target any breakouts, blackheads and ingrown hairs. Next, a custom blending mask will be applied to soothe, balance and tone your skin. Add on a relaxing massage of the face, neck and shoulders and… let a new you emerge — revitalised and refreshed!


Lymph drainage massage is a light circular massage designed to move fluid through lymph vessels to the lymph nodes. In the case of a swollen leg, the massage therapist would start by massaging the lymph nodes in the inguinal region, at the top of your leg and then massage slowly down the leg to the foot, moving fluid continuously up toward the nodes.


REMISSIŌ Signature Massages & Body Treatments


Unlock the gateway to peace and tranquillity with this relaxing and comforting treatment. Incorporating, crushed apples, lavender and chamomile essential oil, this treatment will melt any worries away. This wonderful ritual includes exfoliation, clay wrap, scalp massage and body massage.


A unique massage technique using strong kneading, tapotement and Chinese suction cups on cellulite-affected areas to eliminate stagnation, intensify metabolism and dermal respiration, and improve skin elasticity. REMISSIŌ energising essential oil for vital energy helps stimulate and release excess fluid.


The massage uses very light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes to increase the flow of lymph and reduce toxins in your body. It transports nutrients and oxygen to cells, collecting toxins on the way and flushing them out through the lymph nodes.


Our Complete Herbal Detox is a deep tissue massage focusing on the body’s key detox ‘tools’: our muscles, our lymphatic system and our mind. When these three areas are working to maximum efficiency, toxins like artificial additives, pesticides and other foreign nasties are more easily eliminated.


Cleanse the toxin in the body such as blood vessels, liver, colon, kidneys, lungs and lymphatic system.


Colon hydrotherapy is an extremely safe and effective process for removing toxic fecal material accumulated in the colon.


REMISSIŌ Body Wraps & Scrubs


This treatment starts with a stimulating coffee scrub, followed by a coffee mask and wrap. While wrapped, you’ll enjoy a face and scalp massage. A Vichy shower with seven shower heads is used to rinse away the mask. The final step is the application of a body firming moisturiser.


This seasonally fresh treatment changes every 3 months to incorporate the season’s freshest organic ingredients. First, an organic scrub is applied to your body, followed by the application of a nourishing body mask. While the body is wrapped and the enzymes penetrate and soften the skin, you’re receiving a stress-relieving face and scalp massage. You will then rinse with a tingling Vichy shower with seven showerheads to remove the mask, re-hydrate and nourish your body, leaving the skin soft, supple and glowing.


This treatment includes a wrap as well as a full body massage. Firstly, a rich natural essential oil is applied to the skin, then a salt scrub is gracefully sprinkled, and the two are gently massaged. Warm towels remove the mixture, preparing the skin for our creamy Shea Butter Indulgence. While you’re enveloped in this richness, your head, face and neck are massaged. The final indulgence — the remaining shea butter is massaged into the skin with a full body massage.


Start out with our signature Scent Scrub, followed by a warm seaweed, ginger, lemongrass wrap, that will penetrate deeply into our skin to relax tense muscles as well as detoxify your entire body. Those with Seaweed or Iodine allergies should avoid this treatment


Balinese blend of fresh shredded coconut, aloe vera gel and coco milk body scrub

Traditional Asian Treatments


Start this signature ritual with a hydro pools session to warm up your body. Follow with a 60 or 90 min reviving massage combining deep tissue, pressure point and gentle stretching massage techniques.


Start this relaxing treatment with a hydro pools session to release any tension in your body. Continue with a deeply nourishing and calming massage using warm 100% natural essential oils to promote healing and a feeling of well-being. By combining aromatherapy and Swedish massage this treatment will help to normalise your blood pressure and leave you feeling refreshed and rested.


Start with a refresher foot wash with salt and lime. Continue with a ginger exfoliating foot scrub, a black tea mask and a foot reflexology massage during which the therapist applies pressure to a range of particular points on your feet that correspond to all the organs, glands, tissues and muscles in your body; thus making your entire body completely relaxed.


Enjoy a soothing head massage followed by a 30 min Thai massage on your shoulders to relieve any tension.


Javanese Lulur Body Exfoliation is a traditional Javanese beauty ritual, which originated centuries ago in the palaces of central Java as a “purifying” ritual for Javanese princesses as they prepared for their wedding day. The sumptuous body scrub contains turmeric, pandan wangi leaves, and temu giring in a rice powder base. After taking off the dead skin we moisturize your skin with fresh natural yogurt splashed and lightly rubbed all over your body. The yogurt’s enzymes stimulate the cell activity and restore the pH balance of the skin, which feels as soft as silk after the yogurt is washed away. This is followed by a one-hour Balinese massage and completed by an invigorating Vichy shower.


Start with a Boreh body scrub that uses: Sandalwood powder, rice powder, clove, ginger and galangal to make your skin super smooth and relieve aches and pains, thus benefiting the entire body. Continue the treatment with a Thai Herbal Pouch Massage that is more of a therapeutic treatment combining the elements of aromatherapy, acupressure, muscle and connective tissue massage, and Shiatsu techniques.


Shirodhara is a holistic Ayurveda therapy that is said to pacify a troubled mind. While you lie flat on a bed or table, a vessel filled with warm oil will be dripped steadily on your forehead, drizzling over your scalp for about an hour. As the warm oil gently flows off your “third eye”, you literally feel as though your troubles are melting away.


Papaya has been used by traditional cultures for centuries to treat a large array of skin conditions. It’s known to cure everything from cracked heels and pimples to skin discoloration and even ringworm. The Papaya Enzyme Wrap is also rich in vitamin C and potassium, which aids in removing excess fluid and toxins from the body. Blessed be the humble papaya and the papaya enzyme wrap!


REMISSIŌ Finishing Touches


Classic manicure where hands and cuticles will be groomed. Nails are shaped and finished with a polish by OPI.


A luxurious soothing treatment for the hands starting with natural scrub and meticulous nail and cuticle care, followed by a natural wrap and a relaxing hand massage. The nails will then be carefully applied with a polish by OPI.


A luxurious soothing treatment for the hands starting with natural scrub and meticulous nail and cuticle care, followed by a natural wrap and a relaxing hand massage. The nails will then be carefully applied with a polish by Shellac.


Treat tired feet to some intensive care where dead skin buildup is removed, cuticles are tended to and the nails shaped and finished with a natural buff.


More than just a pedicure, it’s a sacred ritual. This treatment includes a refreshing foot soak, an aromatherapy foot scrub, carefully detailed cuticle work, a natural wrap and a soothing foot massage. Finally, the nails will be polished to perfection, ready for going barefoot on the beach!


A luxurious pedicure is a therapeutic treatment for your feet that removes dead skin, and softens hard skin. It is a relaxing foot reflexology that shapes and treats your toenails. Coloring by OPI nail polish. Lastly, colour will be applied using OPI nail polish.


The famous warm virgin coconut oil hair treatment that nourishes and boosts tropical hair, followed by a deeply relaxing neck & shoulder massage. Your therapist will remove excess oil with a hot towel.


Lip, Full legs, Eyebrow, Standard Bikini, Under Arm, Half legs, Back and Brazilan.