Our experts

The REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort team aims to offer expertise guidance, exercises and retreats to help our guests cultivate the components of well-being – which include engagement, good relationships, accomplishment and purpose and ultimately achieve and keep practicing this way of being.


Naturopathic Doctor & Yoga Teacher

Dr. Sudhin Is a BNYS graduate from SDM College of Yoga and Naturopathy,Dharmasthala (affiliated to Rajif Gandhi University of Sciences, Bangalore). He loves to investigate, learn and teach the latest advances in health, nutritional science, lifestyle disease and modern diagnosis.

Dr. Sudhin uses his skills and expertise of Naturopathy, Acupuncture & Physiotherapy to support his clients by digging deep into the underlying cause of their disease. Being a firm believer and practitioner of Naturopathic and Yogic Lifestyle, he wishes to bring about lifestyle revolution based on Nature Cure and Yoga among the mases. He believes every one of us is different and so as our bodies. Unless the treatment is personalized it won’t be effective.

Dr. Sudhin


Movement Specialist

Jaka’s journey in fitness and wellness started in 2007 after experiencing difficulty in healing a football injury to his right ligament.

Motivated to recover from this injury, he attended fitness workshops and studied yoga to understand the basics in body anatomy and muscle movement. During this journey he discovered a safe and effective method for the body to recover from trauma. Since then he has continued to grow and update his skillset, eventually becoming a yoga and wellness instructor himself. His unique combination of yoga and fitness make him a unique and very distinctive trainer.

If you’re struggling to recover after a physical or mental trauma or simply want to enhance your body and mind, then Jaka is the right person to help. Fitness and wellness are not merely about looking good on the outside but also about becoming whole as a person inside and out.


Life Coach & Plant-based Nutritionist

Aya is a Hungarian-born Movement Artist, Life Coach and Plant-based Nutritionist with a passion for anything that strengthens the mind-body-soul connection. For almost a decade, she has successfully worked with the world’s leading luxury resorts, private islands and a wide range of refined international clients – from athletes and mixed martial artists to high profile business executives, celebrities, designers and models – across Europe, Seychelles, Middle East, Asia and the Maldives.

Aya became a Certified Advanced Bodybuilding Trainer Specialist (IFBB), Personal Trainer (IFPA), Yoga Teacher (ERYT200, RYT500), Pilates and Wellness Practitioner, Plant-based Nutritionist and Life Coach. She is passionate about anti-ageing, detox and raw food and her mission is to empower you to reach your personal best while maintaining the highest standards of personal conduct and service.

Dr. Sudhin



Aliwalu is the Nutritional Consultant at REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort Bali where she has been in charge of menu development for NŪTRIŌ – a restaurant, bar and poolside lounge. She has leant her international expertise to conceptualizing each menu to adhere to a simple philosophy of serving food that is fresh, wholesome, organic and balanced.

Aliwalu is a certified Health Coach by the IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), New York and is raw nutrition certified by David Wolfe. She has over 25 years of experience in macrobiotics, ayurveda and raw-vegan cuisine.

As a speaker on mindful eating, nutrition and frequencies, Aliwalu promotes healthy habits and quality living by consuming clean, vital, organic, local food without additives or inconsiderate manipulation of food. Her journey has been to understand and learn about the different philosophies of life to be able to deliciously synthesise ancestral vital flavours and practices in a contemporary way.

Aliwalu is also the co-author of ‘The Power of Food – Vital Kitchen’ and has contributed to various publications around the world. In addition to being a food alchemist, she is a yoga teacher and tango dancer .



As the Spa Manager at REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts’ holistic spa REMISSIŌ, Minarni Sukmadewi has curated the spa menu incorporating four key concepts, namely ancient Balinese healing traditions, aroma, hydro and chromo therapies, with the objective of making guests feel truly pampered, while allowing them to achieve overall well-being and balance.

Minarni has an impressive track record with almost ten years spent in the spa and hospitality industry, during which time she has developed extensive knowledge about the diverse array of spa treatments and products, along with strong interpersonal and organisational skills.

After graduating with a Diploma in Accounting at Magistra Utama University Yogyakarta, Minarni started her career in Bali as a Spa Therapist at Talaga Spa, where she specialised in Swedish massage treatments and sports massage. This first exposure to the industry sparked her passion for wanting to share the health benefits of spa with others, which motivated her to broaden her expertise and lear n to specialize in a variety of new spa treatments.

At Semara Resorts & Spa Seminyak, Minarni helmed the role of Spa Receptionist, where she expanded her skillset to include customer relations and operations. Having developed strong leadership skills, Minarni then took on managerial roles in Montigo Resorts & Spa Nongsa, Semara Luxury Resorts & Spa Uluwatu and Sudamala Villa Senggigi Lombok. At each property Minarni worked closely with the management team, where she took responsibility for operations, recruiting and training staff, as well as developing sales and marketing initiatives.

At REMISSIŌ, Minarni is committed to delivering a memorable and unparalleled guest experience to complement the bespoke wellness retreats at REVĪVŌ.

Cecilia Commo

Couple Therapist and Sexologist

Cecilia Commo is a French psychoanalyst, specialised in sexology and couple therapy. She works as a relationship expert in Paris and has worked in Seattle, USA. She is interested in the unconscious and the psychic movements that are at work in our daily lives, our failures, our blockages but also our loving and sexual interactions. Cecilia works more broadly on the weakening or disappearance of erotic desire, the conflict between intimacy and sex within a couple’s relationship and the understanding of couple bond.

She helps couples to understand the intricacies of their sensual and erotic lives in order to prevent their better development. Passionate about research in psychology and sexology, she shares her clinical approach and new discoveries through her blog.

Sofie Jacobs (BSc.)

Qualified Midwife, Certified in Pilates and pre-and postnatal nutrition

Sofie Jacobs is an internationally experienced midwife who graduated in Belgium in 1998. She has since lived and worked in London and now Hong Kong. Sofie has cared for and coached thousands of women and couples through pregnancy and postpartum and has delivered hundreds of babies in hospitals, at home as well as birthing centres. A strong believer in using movement and nutrition as essential tools to prepare for birth & parenthood as well as recover after, she is also a trained pilates instructor and certified in pre and postnatal nutrition.

The mission of her company Urban Hatch is to help clients thrive at parenthood from bump to birth & beyond.

Marie – Caroline Peponnet

Family Yoga Instructor

Since a young age, Marie-Caroline has always been interested in health & wellness. At 18, she was introduced to yoga & meditation when she decided to move to California after an accident and discovered the many benefits it did to help her body recover. After a career in the media industry and after giving birth, she decided to change her path to focus on her passion for health and wellbeing.

She trained intensively, graduated from Yoga Teachers’ Certificates and decided to specialise herself in Yoga for children, teens and families. Marie-Caroline currently teaches in schools, major studios, and gives individual lessons in Paris. She also works in hospitals and helps teens with eating disorders as well as children with special needs.

Tristian Kelly

Sleep therapist, Naturopath & Nutritionist

Tristian Kelly is a sleep therapist who graduated in psychology from Sydney University and later trained as a naturopath, nutritionist, Western herbal medicine practitioner and homeopath. Unlike most sleep therapists, treating insomnia was not a career choice for Tristian, but a matter of survival. She experienced the debilitating effects of insomnia – across all aspects of her life – for over 20 years.

She knows exactly what it feels like to feel burnt out all the time, and how this impacts health, relationships, career and life. She dedicated her career in finding a solution and uses her knowledge and experience to help others achieve the same outcome.