1 September 2020

Resetting body and mind in a bubble at REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort in Bali

Jeya Lorenz checked into this exquisite wellness hotel just before the full outbreak of COVID-19 rocked the world

From the moment I got off the plane and saw someone from Revivo with my name on a plaque waiting for me I felt safe. I was here for three nights of pampering just before the full outbreak of COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic that would go on to shake the globe, and it turned out to be a heavenly place to reset body and mind away whilst fully immersed in a bubble.

On arrival I was greeted with a green juice in a beautiful lounge and shown to my room to find fresh fruit, healthy snacks, gut tonics, interesting self-development books and everything else I could possibly need during my stay. I barely had to open my suitcase to retrieve anything else, for even workout gear was provided. My bed was exceptionally comfortable, the dark wooded decor felt cool yet cosy, and the huge windows provided lots of light and a calming view out to green gardens and a private pool. I would spend oodles of time in my open plan bathroom, with its indoor sunken bath and outdoor shower surrounded by a lotus flower pond.

I had just spent a month travelling, eating badly and not exercising, and my routine and gut were out of whack, so I decided to do the detox retreat package, which was kick started by a nutritional assessment with Dr. Sudhin. He measured my BMI, discussed my lifestyle and diet habits, and put together an itinerary and diet plan based on my needs. I felt listened to and respected his advice, gaining fresh insight into my diet and intermittent fasting, and the programme he devised helped me not only lose an unexpected 2kg in just three days but leave feeling wholly cleansed and emotionally lighter too.

‘The care and the kindness of every single person who worked here
made my experience extraordinarily special’

I was given a schedule of what every hour of my day would look like, a discipline I loved. I was woken up in the morning with three gut cleansing shots, then had one yoga session first thing in the morning before breakfast, and sometimes one after breakfast too. I loved these private sessions of Ashtanga, Hatha and Pilates with Aya, the yoga and fitness instructor. Hers was a very strong yoga that pushed me to my edges, but she was also gentle and I never felt overly stretched. Her personal journey from unconscious body-builder to conscious yoga teacher has given her a unique perspective on how we use the body which permeates both her fitness and yoga classes. She’s also a Human Design practitioner, and you can organise a reading with her through the retreat at an extra cost.

My very light clean vegan diet was a highlight. Though I wasn’t eating a huge amount I never felt hungry, my stomach and gut felt very happy and my energy was much lighter thanks to the continuous teas and balanced snacks throughout the day. There was a strong focus on probiotic and prebiotic food and drinks, their homemade Kombucha was delicious, and I was given a little cooking lesson in the kitchen one day where I cooked my own root salad lunch.

My fellow guests included an Australian businessman in his 40 and a German DJ in her 30s, both great company. We ended up convening together at meals and sticking around to chat for a few hours, and it was so reassuring to connect so well with people during this strange time of the unfolding crisis in the outside world.

It was the care and the kindness of every single person who worked here though that made my experience so extraordinarily special. I left Revivo feeling so calm, happy and well looked after and so grateful that such a place existed. Revivo is like stepping onto another planet, one where you feel soft, nourished, held, light and healthy all the time, even when the world outside is on the brink of a pandemic.