Our Signature Retreats

Surrounded by lush tropical teak forest, work your way through a rejuvenating menu of yoga and fitness classes, body spa treatments and restoring emotional therapies, as you check-in and enjoy one of Bali's latest luxury wellness retreats.

At  REVĪVŌ, we consider the many facets that make us who we truly are; social, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual beings. We understand that there will never be a one-size fits all regime when it comes to healing and transformation.

Our goal at REVĪVŌ is to support total body wellness. We incorporate aspects of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine and other holistic practices that focus on treating underlying patterns of imbalance found in the body and mind as opposed to focusing solely on symptoms of disease and illness. We work to address the root cause of your concerns and, in so doing, deliver lasting changes that can serve you a lifetime.

As we compassionately guide you along the way you will be encouraged to take action in creating the changes you desire in your life. Quick-fix approaches are usually not lasting nor reliable. We believe in educating and facilitating transformational techniques that are authentic and guaranteed to fundamentally change you to the core when consistently practiced over time.

By focusing on holistic treatments for the mind, body and spirit, REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort aspires to achieve notions of ‘healing’ with mindfulness and self-awareness, rather than treating guests for specific illnesses or injuries.

We offer a selection of 6 Signature Immersive Retreats to choose from  depending on individual goals and varying from a light to more intensive retreat experience. Starting at a minimum 3 nights stay, each retreat program is be tailor-made to suit individual wellness needs in terms of nutrition, holistic treatments and workouts.





Achieve your Wellness Goals

When you check into one of our wellness retreats, you will have the option to do a DNA test. By understanding your unique genetics, we are able to understand how your body functions.