Golf and Pilates Retreat

The REVĪVŌ Golf Retreat Program is tailored for passionate golfers, both amateurs and professionals, who would like to improve their skills and posture together with a tailor-made and holistic experience at REVĪVŌ.

Daily Program Example

  • 07:00 am Your NŪTRIŌ Trio Shot & Breakfast
  • 08:00 am Golf 18 holes session or MOVEŌ Session
  • 12:00 am Your NŪTRIŌ Lunch
  • 01:00 pm Golf 18 holes session or your MOVEŌ Session
  • 04.00 pm REMISSIŌ Personalized Treatment
  • 05:00 pm Unlimited access to Hydro Pools & Facilities
  • 07:00 pm NŪTRIŌ Dinner
  • 09:00 pm Mindfulness practice before bed
  • Time will change based on your program
  • Golf session is once every 3 days

Retreat Inclusions

  • Pre-arrival Questionaire & Health Assessment
  • Accommodation
  • Airport Fast Track Immigration
  • Airport Transfers
  • Personalised Retreat Journal to keep track of your objectives, program and results
  • Consultations with our wellness coach (on arrival and before leaving)
  • Daily REMISSIŌ Spa Treatments
  • Daily MOVEŌ Classes
  • Golf 18 holes session, once every 3 days
  • Daily NŪTRIŌ Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Unlimited access to Hydro Pools and Facilities

Treatments & Spa

  • Chakra Hot Stone Massage
  • Petal Soft Pretty Feet
  • Total Refresh Massage
  • Back & Shoulder Massage
  • REVĪVŌ Body Massage

Restaurant & Bar

This menu has been designed to guide you toward a healthier eating routine and to support your energy levels. This NŪTRIŌ Plan integrates protein food, sources perfect for muscle repair and recovery, and healthy high-carb food to give you the fuel your body needs. In addition, to keep your level of vitamins and minerals high, our menu is packed with fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and wholegrains along with healthy fats.

Movement & Mindfulness

  • Pranayama (Mental golf training improving focus and concentration)
  • Pilates for Golfers (Core Moves to improve your golf game)
  • Pilates (Strength, balance and flexibility)
  • Functional Training (increase driving distance golf)
  • Yin Yoga

Retreat Outcomes

  • Improve your core strength
  • Stabilize your posture
  • Address postural misalignments
  • Improve rotationally movements