Mindfulness & Emotional Balance

Mental and emotional stability are essential cornerstones when it comes to health and wellness. REVĪVŌ’s Mindfulness & Emotional Balance Retreat is geared towards bringing awareness to the inner workings of the mind, finding stillness in chaos, and learning techniques to help you get off the rollercoaster of emotional turmoil. Our wellness coaches and therapists will work with you to transform limiting beliefs, break old habits and encourage
you towards mindful living in the present moment- the only actual moment that exists! Therapies will be centered around holistic energic practices such as chakra clearing and reiki sessions as well as yoga, pranayama, and other breathing techniques.

Daily Program Example

  • 07:00 am Morning Mindfulness practice (eg: Morning blessings with a local Balinese priest on first morning)
  • 07:30 am NŪTRIŌ morning shots
  • 08:00 am MOVEŌ Morning Class (eg: Hatha Yoga)
  • 09:00 am NŪTRIŌ Breakfast
  • 11:00 am MOVEŌ Class (eg: Mat Pilates)
  • 01:00 pm NŪTRIŌ Lunch
  • 03:00 pm MOVEŌ Collective Class (eg: Pranayama)
  • 05:30 pm REMISSIŌ Spa Treatment (eg: Shirodhara meditation massage)
  • 07:30 pm NŪTRIŌ Dinner
  • 09:00 pm Evening Mindfulness Practice and ritual (eg: Mindful Mandala coloring)

Treatments & Spa

  • Sense Aromatherapy Massage
  • Chanting Meditation Shirodhara
  • Rejuvenating Facial
  • Bali Coconut Scrub
  • REVĪVŌ Signature Massage
  • Infra-Red Sauna

Restaurant & Bar

This menu has been designed to guide you toward a healthier eating routine while teaching you how to build emotional balance with the way you eat. Integrated in this nutritional plan is our “Food for Mood” concept: foods high in iron, B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, such as avocados, whole grains and soy – that help stimulate anti-depressive brain chemicals; as well as liver-supportive foods such as onions, garlic and turmeric that will help keep your liver functioning well and fight against depression.  Eating healthy comfort food and high-quality proteins will ensure a stable mood and overall physical health.

Movement & Mindfulness

  • Reiki Workshop
  • Floating Yoga
  • Qi Gong
  • Pranayama
  • Tai Chi

Sleep Rituals

  • Rhythmic breathing meditation Lamp
  • Lavender Bath Ritual
  • Foot Ritual
  • Tibetan Singing Bowl and 15-minutes head massage
  • Lavender Face Cleansing
  • Mandala Meditation (colouring book meditation)
  • Chamomile tea with Relaxing Music by suite pad

Retreat Outcomes

  • Find work-life balance
  • Bring awareness to unproductive mind constructs.
  • Clear emotional and spiritual blockages
  • Strengthen your discipline
  • Channel your energy productively
  • Unlock the gateway to peace and tranquility