22 September 2020




Meditation is the process of quieting the mind in order to spend time in thought for relaxation. Meditation brings a range of health benefits but it is also a very slow and time consuming process. So why should we take the time to meditate?

Here are 5 reasons why you should try meditation:


Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Meditation plays a huge role in reducing symptoms of anxiety disorders, such as phobias, social anxiety, paranoid thoughts, obsessive-compulsive behaviors and panic attacks.


Meditation reduces cortisol production which is a stress-induced hormone. This practice also increases neuroplasticity which is the ability of the brain to change continuously throughout an individual’s life and helps you adapt to unknown situations thus reducing unnecessary stress. Leave your stress behind and make room for more happiness.



Promotes Emotional Health

When you meditate regularly, and reduce your stress levels, your hormones balance out and you feel less reactive, less defensive and effortlessly balanced more of the time. Meditation can help you control your emotions and mood.




Meditation increases the production of good neurotransmitters including serotonin and dopamine, both of which play a huge role in controlling our moods. It’s understood that low levels of serotonin cause depression. When you reduce the stress in your system you return to your natural state of feeling calm, connected to yourselves and confident in meeting the challenges of life.


Enhances Self-Awareness

Meditation allows you to become more aware of who you are and help you build stronger relationships with others. Your relationships become deeper and more meaningful based on the simple principle, ‘the more you know your self the more you can know another’.


Meditation increases the thickness of your prefrontal cortex, the area of your brain associated with attention and self-awareness helping you develop a stronger understanding of your best self. Meditating also helps us recognize and get rid of harmful and self-defeating thoughts steering our thoughts towards more positive vibes.


Improves Sleep

Sleep is essential for your cognitive functioning. However, a lot of people struggle with insomnia and are unable to empty their minds and relax.


By putting yourself in a more relaxed state, meditation can help you fight those racing thoughts that may rob you of a good night’s sleep and help you relax before going to bed reducing the severity of your sleep problems.


Helps Control Pain

Meditation can help you understand and accept our deepest emotions and let go.


Mindfulness meditation shows you that it is possible to remain aware of what you are experiencing in the present moment without having to accept or reject it. It also teaches you that everything changes, and that even in the midst of chronic pain there are periods of emotional and physical well-being.


Meditation and mind training are a core part of our wellness offerings at REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts. Our wellness resort offers different courses such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Balinese Primordial Sound Meditation and Tibetan meditation.

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