6 October 2018

Gluten-free bread made from green banana flour

At NŪTRIŌ, we only use local, organic and seasonal ingredients. For that reason, we work with people making efforts to provide quality and chemical-free food and supporting the environment.

The bread we use is gluten-free and celiac friendly. Located in Bali, Made’s Bakery, the world’s first banana flour Bakery, provide us with 100% gluten-free products. Its flour is produced from green Bananas, and has many benefits:


– It is rich in natural vitamins and minerals: it’ll help you increase the absorption of antioxidants and minerals into your body.

– Contains starch: Increases metabolism and reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes and colon cancer.

– It is sugar-free.

– You’ll feel full for a longer period of time.

– Last but not least, it is delicious!


Many of our dishes and toasts are made by banana bread,

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