How to alter your brain positively at work

Scientists have discovered a  method that will help people recover from stroke and other brain damages, as well as form good habits & well-being in a life-long process,  thanks to neuroplasticity.

 what’s neuroplasticity

Substantial scientific evidence shows that every time you learn a new fact or skill, you strengthen and integrate the neutral connection in the higher level brain regions, namely the prefrontal cortex (PFC), thus reforming your brain.  That’s to say, your behaviours can alter the structures and functions of your brain.  This discovery has subverted the long-standing perception of the scientific community that human brain no longer changes after childhood, but we’re able to reform our brains regardless of age.

Since neuroplasticity is applicable, how can we take advantage of it and form life-long wellness?

How to practice in daily life

– Non-dominant hand exercises can form new neural pathways and strengthen the connectivity between neurons.

– Reading fiction increases and enhances connectivity in the brain.

– Expanding your vocabulary activates the visual and auditory processes as well as memory processing.

– Creating artwork enhances the connectivity of the brain at rest (the “default mode network” or DMN), which can boost introspection, memory, empathy, attention, and focus.

– Sleeping encourages learning retention through the growth of the dendritic spines that act as connections between neurons and help transfer information across cells (Nguyen, 2016).

How to apply in the workplace

The list can go on and on… However, living as busy urbanites, we dedicate a lot of time into work every day. Therefore, knowing how to apply neuroplasticity at work and sustain a positive state of mind are of significance.

Contributing to improving your workplace wellbeing, REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts invites our sleep therapist & nutritionist Tristian Kelly and CEO Laurie to give you a hint on how to apply neuroplasticity in practice in the conference How Does “Neuroplasticity” Affect Workplace Wellness and Employee Productivity? On June 19th, Hong Kong.


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