20 October 2018

Planet or Plastic?

You’ve probably noticed the 2018 buzz to save our planet from plastic pollution. When we think about it, we envision the ocean, due to the numerous campaigns on all media channels. However, all our planet is exposed to contamination, oceans, lakes, rivers, fields, anything.


To solve the problem, each one of us need to change our lifestyle, starting from little things such as stop asking for a plastic bag, saying no to unnecessary packaging and trying to reduce our plastic consumption at a maximum.


At REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort Bali, we use Bio-Paper Straws made from FSC paper and a micro-thin plant-based wax liner, from Avani. Straws make up a small portion of the plastics that contaminate our planet, but this does not mean, however, that straws aren’t worth addressing. With about 8 million to 12 million tons of plastic entering only in our oceans each year, saving the environment is not a trend, is an urgency ­­– Choose planet, not plastic.