Rewire your brain for happiness

Everyone wants to be happy but sometimes in life this is easier said than done. There are times in life when challenges get in the way of our happiness and it can be easy to sink into a negative mindset.

There is a thought provoking concept about the absence of mental illness not being the same as the presence of mental wellness. This is worth thinking about because you can still be mentally well yet at the same time not thriving.

The neurochemistry behind positive psychology is extremely complex whereas the methods used to create a positive mindset are deceptively simple. It can be likened to exercise, in the fact that just as you have to train regularly to be physically fit, in order to have emotional fitness you have to put in the effort. This effort however can feel effortless once put into practice and you can turn your life around my making simple changes and creating new ways of thinking.


So how can re rewire you brain for happiness?


– Set time aside each day to savour the little pristine moments like the laughter of a child or just looking at nature. The reason it’s so important to do this is that the brain is pre programmed towards a negativity bias which means that when something negative happens the brain latches onto this like velcro and for every good thing that happens it just slides off like teflon. We need to be mindful and counteract this by savouring the good moments and retraining to brain to take notice of these times.

– Practice gratitude. this generates our positive emotions and further strengthens your mindset. So next time someone goes out of their way to help you, or you get that great car space just where you need it, take time to think how lucky you are and be thankful. Writing this in a daily journal can help.

– Use technology for happiness – Rather than letting technology sap our energy and get us down we can use it to our advantage and be more mindful to send messages of a positive nature, use happy apps, play upbeat music we love, listen to relaxation, expand our minds with podcasts and take photos of something that makes you smile.




Not only will you be happier, you’ll think more clearly, become better at problem solving, brainstorming and creativity. Being positive can also work on your physical level as it can enhance your immunity, making it less likely you will fall susceptible to a virus or at the very least it can lesson your symptoms.  The practice helps you to be more engaged in life and more likely to lead to a healthier fitter lifestyle.

REVĪVŌ places happiness as one of the fundamental aspects of life and we can help you become optimistic, hopeful and resilient. Why not try out one of our retreats in mind transformation and see for yourself the life changing benefits of being happy.


Written by Tristian Kelly

Sleep Therapist, Naturopath, Nutritionist and REVĪVŌ Brand Ambassador

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