23 March 2021

WATCH AGAIN: REVĪVŌ Round Table: Bali, Covid and a Sustainable recovery

BALI, COVID and a Sustainable recovery with guest speaker, Matt Cook

Covid 19 has had a significant impact on Bali’s overall economy and tourism industry and of course the locals – as many leave and return to their home towns and villages, families now look to rely on alternative sources of income like farming to survive. Now more than ever it’s important that we discuss the recovery of Bali post pandemic and look to a bright future for both tourism, Bali based businesses and the locals and families that rely on International visitors.

We will be talking about the most up to date news on the re-opening of Bali as well as the positive changes that have happened over the past year in order to create more sustainable and valuable travel experiences. We will learn first hand from a local sustainable Bali business, how they have gotten through this challenging time and what the future holds.

Please feel free to submit questions in the chat area during the call and we will try to address these either during or at the end of the call. We will also share the recording with all of these who registered if you would like to revisit these topics in your own time.

Profile – Matt Cook (Kore Culture Lab)

Based in the south tip of heavenly Bali, Matt founded Kore Culture Lab, a brewery of probiotic-rich beverages using filtered rainwater.

Kore Culture Labs was started by Matt after his father was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease and passed away. During that period, Matt became aware of how important gut health is in boosting immunity and preventing diseases. His research revealed that many commercially-produced kombuchas were too sugary. On top of that, some brands weren’t transparent in listing the full ingredients that go into making the drinks. So he decided to create his own by using the best organic ingredients from local Balinese farmers, including locally grown organic tea, fruits, filtered Bali rainwater and a touch of organic cane sugar.

Kore Culture Lab is now under the Bali Hujan umbrella. A rainwater derived beverage producer that uses regenerative practices to produce simple healthy beverages using local organic ingredients.

Their aim is to improve the lives of their customers by providing them with great tasting, healthy and sustainably made products that align with their values through demonstrating how the integration of permaculture into business can stoke positive change.