24 November 2020

Watch again: REVĪVŌ Wellness Round Table – “Creating an enhanced life, uncovering potential and creating happy, healthy minds”

Creating an enhanced life, uncovering potential and creating happy, healthy minds.

REVĪVŌ Wellness resorts offer a supported environment to develop the skills needed to find balance and happiness, change your outlook on life and learn to live in the now. Join us for our second virtual Wellness Round Table, for an engaging conversation where we discuss tools to assist you to become the best version of yourself by finding emotional wellbeing. We welcome two remarkable guest speakers to engage in an informative narrative about transformation and to teach us how to achieve awareness and compassion and eventually rewire our neural patterns for sustainable joy.






Ros Banksia-Smith
Author, Philanthropist, internationally acclaimed Interior Designer.


Having previously been through a major life transformation in relation to her career, Ros is no stranger to adversity and the power of manifestation.

In January 2019 after being diagnosed with stage 3 cancer 2019 and 2020 saw her on a very different and unexpected path, one of survival. Ros says, “my time with cancer and now dealing with the economic and emotional downturn of Covid-19 has actually been a privilege, it is not often we get an opportunity to learn and grow as a person on such a deep level. I hope that by sharing my story others will be inspired to see that regardless of circumstances, anything is possible”.

As a gifted speaker and storyteller, Ros is regularly invited to share her knowledge on topics such as business, design, creativity for life and developing a positive mindset.



Anne-Celine Martin
Specialist in Ethno Pharmacology, Tibetan Medicine and Mindfulness & Meditation.


Anne studied Pharmacology in order to become a researcher to find new treatments for viruses and cancer and work towards teaching and sharing her knowledge. She explored many different modalities including treatment with plants at the French Agricultural School of engineering. This was thanks to Jean-Marie Pelt, a famous botanist who has created French Society of Ethno pharmacology with the purpose to learn how traditional ethnic groups use plants and rituals to cure.

During this time she read a book about Tenzin Choedrak, The Tibetan’s Doctors of His Holiness The Dalai Lama. In a life changing moment, the then Tibetan monks came to her University in order to perform dance and Mandala drawings, His Holiness also travelled to France and she was given the opportunity to listen and learn from his teachings.


From there she decided to write her pharmaceutical thesis on Tibetan’s medicine. In order to learn more she travelled to Vajra Yogini’s Institute, then directly to India where she met Doctor Tenzin Choedrak, His Holiness, and Venerable Gueshe Lobsang Tenguye La who taught her and guided her through the modalities of Tibetan medicine and healing. When she returned to France she continued to share her knowledge and help others find health and happiness through all of the wealth of knowledge she had gained over the years.