WATCH IT HERE: Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

We invite you to re-watch our 5th virtual Wellness Round Table Zoom recording, where we explore the mind-body connection with psychologist Dr. Gary Kneier and REVĪVŌ ’s Wellness Director and Chinese medical practitioner, Kimberly Rose.

Dr. Kneier offers us his fascinating theories and insights into this topic that he’s gained from both personal experience and over 50 years of clinical practice. Kimberly will enlighten us with some of the mind-body principles of Chinese medicine and how she’s incorporated these into REVĪVŌ’s new core retreat offerings.

Guest Speaker: Dr Gary Kneier

Gary is a clinical psychologist who has spent the last half-century practicing psychotherapy in Calgary, Canada. Prior to his professional career, he was a Trappist monk at a monastery in Utah.

Gary has always been interested in the three things that make us human: body, mind, and soul (also called spirit, or pure consciousness). Drawing from his own personal journey combined with the many insights gleaned from countless conversations with his patients over the years, Gary offers profound yet straightforward theories into the workings of the human mind.

He has interesting ideas about our innate capacity to relate to our pain and problems, whether physical or mental, in helpful ways.


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