27 September 2018

What meditation is and why you should start meditating

Meditation is the process of quieting the mind in order to spend time in thought for relaxation or religious/spiritual purposes. The goal is to attain an inner state of awareness and intensify personal and spiritual growth.

There is a long list of reasons on how you should meditate, and here are some of the benefits:

  • Meditation is a source of inspiration
  • Meditation helps you destress.
  • You’ll be more conscious
  • You’ll Gain Inner Peace
  • You’ll increase your self-awareness
  • You’ll beat anxiety
  • Your Path to achieving your goals will be more clear

At MOVEŌ, the fitness center of REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts, you will find different types of Meditation such as:

  • Balinese Primordial Sound Meditation: Practice that involves meditating silently with a personalized mantra that represents the sound vibration of the universe at the precise place (longitude and latitude) and moment of your birth.
  • Tai Chi:The essential principles include mind integrated with the body; control of movements and breathing; generating internal energy, mindfulness, song (loosening) and jing (serenity).
  • Qi Gong:Holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for health, spirituality, and martial arts training.

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