Why a wellness holiday could be just what you need

Taking a holiday is a great way to recharge your batteries and experience new adventures in a far flung place. Choosing where to stay is all part of the fun and the planning process and not all hotels are created equal when it comes to taking your holiday experience to a whole new level. A wellness hotel can amplify your time away from home, by ensuring your mental and spiritual wellbeing, as well as your health and vitality are taken care of. A wellness retreat is a special kind of getaway—not quite a vacation, not quite an adventure, and yet likely the most rewarding getaway you’ll ever give yourself. Going on a wellness retreat takes you out of your everyday life in a way just about nothing else can.


Take some “me time” or some “we time”


By taking a moment out from the daily grind whether it be on your own or with friends or loved ones, staying at a retreat takes you out of your usual mindset and opens up your schedule and mental space to dedicate time to both yourself and your loved ones. A wellness retreat gives you the freedom to recharge, relax and reflect. Your time away is a time to enjoy the restorative power of letting go where you can experience a life changing transformation.


You are what you eat – become a healthier version of you


Staying at a wellness retreat is an effortless way to detox and learn new ways to reward your body with the foods it needs. Discover farm to plate, superbly crafted, nutritiously balanced meals that will have your body feeling like a new person in no time and inspire you to choose healthier options back home in the knowledge that healthy eating can be totally delicious. Just because food is super healthy doesn’t mean it shouldn’t taste amazing.


Time to reflect


With work, kids and the general stresses of everyday life it’s often hard to find time to sit and reflect on life and changes you could make to make your life even better. Away from that daily routine and fully immersed in a serene environment, your mind clears and you can sort through thoughts and ideas in a way that’s not always possible at home. A great way to do this is through journaling and at Revivo we encourage this and depending on what retreat you choose you will have a lot of time for thought so that when you return home you will have more insight into what you would like to change and how to accept the things you can’t.

Get moving

Exercise of something that can suffer from a busy daily life, and a wellness routine focuses on both body and mind alike. The great thing about exercise is that once you start a routine it becomes addictive thanks to the feel good endorphins it produces not to mention how much better you start to look and feel. Discover new activities (from floating yoga, waatsu, aerial yoga, HIIT and so forth to taking a walk though the peaceful surrounds) and rediscover the joys of staying physically fit. Staying at a wellness retreat helps motivate you to make sure you don’t go home heavier than when you arrived and instead return home stronger and more empowered and motivated to keep your new exercise regime up when you return home.


A great place to connect with like minded souls


Wellness retreats are a great place to meet wellness minded individuals who enjoy taking time out not to mention a love of travelling to luxury locations. And how much more amazing to meet them in such a serene and inspirational setting? Beyond the planned activities of the retreat, spend some time sharing ideas with these fellow travelers to up the ante on the knowledge you take away from the experience.

Make meditation a regular practice


In the busy lives we lead it’s not always easy to switch off and shut the constant flood of everyday thoughts. A wellness retreat is a great way to kick start your meditation practice if you haven’t already got one and get into the habit of meditating regularly each day so that you can learn to let go and handle your emotions in a much more balanced way. Our retreats are also a great place to explore the different types of meditation so that you can find the style that’s just right for you.

Get inspired


Although a wellness retreat is a great time to relax and recharge, it’s also a great time to get inspired. Don’t limit your experience to a few days in an amazing location. Take mental notes (or notes in your journal!) about what your take aways are—new exercise tips, new foods to work onto your grocery shopping list, mindfulness techniques, new friends. Keep the inspiration going when you go home! You may also find that it triggers inspirational thoughts about career, relationships, home decorating. The sky is the limit when you are in a transformational head space.


One of the great things about staying at a REVĪVŌ Wellness Retreat is that you can choose between a wide array of experiences depending on your focus.


Written by Tristian Kelly

Sleep Therapist, Naturopath, Nutritionist and REVĪVŌ Brand Ambassador

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