29 September 2018

Why is Coffee good for your skin?

It is proven that coffee, when drunk with moderation, has many properties. Nowadays, coffee beans are not only used for getting a boost of energy in the morning, but also to improve skin thanks to its many benefits:


– Coffee is loaded with antioxidants which protect the skin from showing signs of ageing. Since is not harsh on the skin, coffee is suitable for face scrubs.

– Coffee body scrubs are a good treatment to help combat cellulite, since they enhance circulation and help to tighten skin.

– Coffee masks help to eliminate dead skin cells, and will enlighten your skin.

– It helps you unpack your under-eye bags by restricting the blood flow, which reduces swelling.

– It is also a diuretic and it will draw water away from puffy cells, reducing eye’s inflammation.

– Coffee grounds can be used as a facial exfoliator, and will gently slouching off dead skin cells to reveal the healthy skin underneath.

– Coffee could be good to treat acne as it deep exfoliates the skin, and its antioxidants help fight free radicals.


REMISSIŌ, REVĪVŌ’s holistic Spa, brings together authentic ancient Balinese healing traditions and facilities to cherish your body in every way and achieve overall well-being and balance. Our Coffee Bean Firming Body Wrap starts with a stimulating coffee scrub, followed by a coffee mask and wrap. This treatment is designed to reduce the signs of cellulite while improving the tone and texture of the skin.