Why Loving Yourself Matters Most  

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Whether you find yourself in a loving relationship, leaving a relationship, taking a break from a relationship, or single this Valentine’s Day, one of the most important things you can do this month (and every month for that matter!) is to practice daily acts of Self-love. We all have a single, crucial relationship that must be nourished and supported – this is the relationship we have with ourselves.  


So, no matter what your relationship status this Valentine’s, we wanted to take this opportunity and offer you some practical ways to start implementing acts of self-love into your life.  


Why is self-love so important? 


We believe love is the pillar for everything health and wellness! In fact, self-love and acceptance may very well be one of the most essential steps in your journey to happiness and improving the overall quality of your life, something we believe very strongly in at REVIVO. We give love; we receive love; we thrive on love.  


Sadly, the scale between what we give to others and what we give to ourselves often becomes unbalanced. Instead of practicing self-love, many people tend to focus more on loving and giving to others to get love back in return. This often leads to people feeling let down and disappointed. 


Self-love and acceptance may very well be one of the most critical steps in your journey to happiness and improving the overall quality of your life. But some things are easier said than done, and getting started is often the most challenging part. For this reason, we’d like to offer you seven ways to start incorporating and practicing this noble art of self-love this Valentine’s Day and every day after!  


1 – Do one thing every day that makes you happy 

 This probably sounds easy enough, but many of us don’t do this regularly. By indulging daily in activities that bring you joy and contentment, no matter how small, you are destined to see the positive impact it will have in your life.  


2 – Take some ME time   

 Inner transformation begins when you set some time aside to appreciate yourself. Establishing a healthy relationship with yourself is key, whether taking a bath or an entire day or weekend at a wellness retreat. We all go out of our way and make time to spend with others, and we need to do this for ourselves now and again too.     


3 – Be kind to yourself 

 We can all be our own worst enemy. We’re often so critical and hardest on ourselves. We find ways in our hearts to forgive others, but somehow the notion of self-forgiveness evades us. Practice catching that voice in your head talking negatively to you and see if you can offer yourself kind, loving words instead.  


4 – Take care of your physical body 

 This doesn’t have to mean going to the gym six days a week or waking at the crack of dawn to get to yoga before work. Simply taking some time to love and nurture your physical body regularly can make a world of difference. Book yourself in for a massage or acupuncture session, take a nice long bath every Sunday, or start incorporating more organic food into your diet. 


5 – Stop criticizing yourself   

 Accepting your actions and who you are without criticism sounds easy enough, yet so many people are in a constant state of self-judgment. Thoughts like “I should have been a better parent” or “I can’t wear dresses because my legs look terrible” or whatever other criticism we have for ourselves doesn’t serve us at all. In fact, self-criticism is toxic. It pollutes and weakens our minds.    


6 – Tap into your spirituality 

 Who am I? Asking this question of yourself, and more importantly, learning to listen for the answer, can be revolutionary, and at the very least, cause you to become contemplative and still, which leads us to our next tip.  


7 – Slow down! 

 Many of us find ourselves living in a fast-paced world that leaves little time for self-love. Slowing down doesn’t mean doing less; it means noticing and enjoying pauses throughout the Day. When you do pause, simply breathe and be still. This simple practice can create so much space in your life you’ll start to feel like time has literally begun to slow down.  


 Loving yourself means more love for others  

When we love ourselves, we can make healthier choices and spread more love to those closest to us. In essence, self-love is about honoring our relationship with ourselves first and then sharing that love with other people around us. Like any relationship loving yourself takes time and energy; it’s something that we must nurture, support, and cherish. 

Self-love doesn’t occur naturally; it has to be cultivated. Self-love is a skill anyone can learn and master with time, just like any other skill.  

Whether your ultimate goal is more happiness in general or healthier relationships, the benefits of practicing self-love are immense. We would love to help you with this endeavor at REVĪVŌ Bali. Perhaps it is time you take yourself on a retreat and discover first-hand the many benefits of putting yourself first. We’re here to help, get in touch.

Blog written by Kimberly Rose

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