31 October 2018

Why you should go on a Pregnant Retreat

Although bringing a new life into the world is part of nature, it is one of the most challenging experiences in a woman’s life. Week by week, pregnant women will feel new changes in their emotions and in their bodies that could have collateral effects in their unborn child.


It is clear that having a healthy pregnancy will keep your baby healthier and happier, but in most cases it requires to make a lifestyle change. Researches have shown that eating well, exercise, and getting some rest will make a difference in a mother-to-be’s well-being, although, sometimes, this is harder than it looks.


Getting away of routine and busy cities for a period of time, and focusing on health and emotions can lead to an enjoyable pregnancy. In other words, the combination of a perfect location with the perfect retreat can boost the chances of having a problem-free pregnancy.


Understanding these challenges and learning how to prepare will help increase your physical and emotional resilience. Our Babymoon Wellness Escape, powered by Sofie Jacobs, will set you up for a more positive experience and an expanded fulfillment in early parenthood.


Sofie is a qualified midwife, certified in pilates and pre and post natal nutrition. She has cared for and coached thousands of women and couples through pregnancy and postpartum and has delivered hundreds of babies in hospitals, at home as well as birthing centres.