Babymoon Wellness Escape

Welcoming a new baby in your family is a momentous event that does not come without its hurdles. Understanding these challenges and learning how to prepare will help increase your physical and emotional resilience. This will set you up for a more positive experience and an expanded fulfillment in early parenthood.

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daily program example

REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts
  • 07:30 am   NŪTRIŌ Trio Shots
  • 08:00 am   MOVEŌ Class
  • 09:00 am   NUTRIŌ Breakfast
  • 10:30 am   Lecture with Sofie
  • 12:30 pm   NŪTRIŌ Lunch
  • 03:00 pm   Session with Sofie
  • 04:00 pm   REMISSIŌ Personalized Treatment
  • 07:00 pm   NŪTRIŌ Dinner

This retreat will help you to

REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts
  • Understand the physiology of labour and birth
  • Learn strategies to prepare the physical body for labour and birth
  • Understand the emotional challenges of labour and birth
  • Learn tools to increase emotional resilience, increase support and practise mindfulness
  • Understand the emotional and physical challenges of postpartum
  • Learn strategies to optimise your ‘whole self’’s health


REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts
  • Mindful Movement
  • Physical preparation for birth and baby
  • Emotional preparation for birth and baby
  • Mindfulness meditation

you will learn about

REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts
  • Self-care for your emotional and physical self after baby
  • Navigating birth and life with a new baby as the supporting partner
  • Nourishing conversations

Retreat standard inclusions

REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts
  • Pre-arrival Questionnaire & Health Assessment
  • Accommodation
  • Fast Track Immigration & Airport Transfers
  • Personalised Retreat Journal to keep track of your objectives, program and results
  • Consultations with Sofie (on arrival and before leaving)
  • REMISSIŌ Spa Treatments
  • MOVEŌ Classes
  • Lectures & Workshops
  • Daily NŪTRIŌ Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Unlimited access to Hydro Pools & Facilities

Specific remissiō treatment example

REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts
  • Sense Aromatherapy Massage
  • Body Wrap & Ratus
  • Chanting Shirodara
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Chakra Hot Stone Massage

Specific moveō session example

REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts
  • Pranayama
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Pre-natal Yoga

Nūtriō menu description

REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts

This menu has been designed to guide you toward well balanced and wholesome eating for pregnancy and motherhood. We have integrated in this nutritional plan macro - and micronutrients that will help you sustain your energy levels, optimise hormonal function and reduce inflammation. The goal of this menu is to help you thrive and not just survive during pregnancy and new parenthood. The best of it is that you will leave the retreat inspired and empowered to optimise your eating habits at home.


Sofie Jacobs (BSC.)


"Pregnancy, birth and early parenthood are times of intense change. As a midwife, I 100% believe that preparation for mind and body increases physical and emotional resilience and makes these transitions easier to navigate."

Sofie Jacobs is an internationally experienced midwife who graduated in Belgium in 1998. She has since lived and worked in London and now Hong Kong. Sofie has cared for and coached thousands of women and couples through pregnancy and postpartum and has delivered hundreds of babies in hospitals, at home as well as birthing centres. A strong believer in using movement and nutrition as essential tools to prepare for birth & parenthood as well as recover after, she is also a trained pilates instructor and certified in pre and postnatal nutrition. The mission of her company Urban Hatch is to help clients thrive at parenthood from bump to birth & beyond.