MOVEŌ Our Hybrid Fitness Area

The MOVEŌ fitness center is spread out among 8,000 square meters of verdant and peaceful land and encompasses: a Yoga Barn, an Aerial Yoga outdoor space, a Meditation Room, a Pilates studio, a Fitness Room with TRX, boxing and kinesis equipment, a 50 meter lap pool for aqua workouts, Jacuzzis, Sauna & Hammam and a 500 square meter landscaped park for outdoor exercises. We believe lifestyle changes require support, perseverance and a balanced and receptive body. MOVEŌ’s active programs blend numerous training techniques and therapeutic practices, with both private and small group classes, to cultivate physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
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The MOVEŌ offering focuses on hybrid workouts, with as much emphasis placed on inspiration as perspiration. There is balance between the more intensive yang – with heart-pumping HIIT sessions and the softer ying – with yoga and other gentler meditative and restorative practices like Qi Gong, meditation etc. to simultaneously cultivate physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Our retreat and a-la-carte classes offer high-intensity trainings that includes strategically timed introspective moments to incorporate mindfulness into your practice. The integration of mindfulness boosts mood, improves enjoyment of the workout and enhances spiritual well-being. Meditation has many proven health benefits, such as reduced anxiety and weight management. You have the power and our support to reach health and fitness goals that you may have thought impossible. Immerse yourself in our expert program and get ready to experience a life transforming journey.
REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts
“Whether you join our inclusive fitness retreat or simply drop-in, your instructor will first assess your fitness level before discussing your lifestyle and specific goals, be it weight loss, toning, stretching, power, flexibility or even relaxation. ”
Our signature mind-body boot camp, a yoga-boxing or MoFIIT class —an innovative, heart-pumping combination of several disciplines, including boxing, yoga, running, Pilates, and CrossFit, will help you to effortlessly and joyfully achieve a body that you love. With about 20 classes offered every day – including a yoga barn, a meditation hall and landscaped park, a fully equipped pilates and gym floor, we have something for everyone, whether you are a member or just dropping in for a class. From group classes to private sessions and teacher trainings, the MOVEŌ experience is completely customisable to support your unique fitness and wellness goals.