Optimal living starts with a balanced mind

Embark on a transformative journey at REVĪVŌ, where change begins in the mind.

Nestled in a lush tropical teak forest, immerse yourself in a flexible menu of yoga, fitness, spa treatments, and emotional therapies. We embrace the multifaceted nature of your being – social, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual – recognizing that healing and transformation require personalized approaches.

Our mission is to boost your motivation, shift your perspective towards optimal living, and cultivate a brighter outlook on life.


Our Immersive Retreats

We offer a selection of 6 Signature Immersive Retreats to choose from depending on individual goals and varying from a light to more intensive retreat experience. Starting at a minimum 3 nights stay, each retreat program is be tailor-made to suit individual wellness needs in terms nutrition, holistic treatments and workouts.

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Detox & Cleanse

Cleanse mind & body, release self-limiting habits, achieve well-being through emotional & physical shifts. An immersive experience that encompasses cleansing spa treatments, detoxifying cuisine, and invigorating movement classes.



Destress & Relax

This retreat is designed to immerse you in a world of deep relaxation. Experience the transformative power of our soothing spa treatments, guided meditation sessions, and revitalizing yoga. Leave feeling deeply rested & renewed.



Vitality & Longevity

Invest in your internal well-being and discover the the key to maintaining a youthful appearance to delaying the aging process. Rejuvenate with diverse daily classes: yoga, meditation, circuit training & spa therapies. Feel & look marvelous inside out.

Signature Retreats


Mindfulness & Emotional Balance

Discover tranquility amidst chaos in REVĪVŌ’s Mindfulness & Emotional Balance Retreat. Unveil inner workings, attain stillness, and embrace balance with treatments rooted in deeply healing holistic practices. 



Sleep Well & Reset

Reclaim peaceful sleep on this retreat. Our team will help you to improve and regulate your sleeping patterns We address disruptions ensuring restful nights during your stay & back home. Sleep well, always.



Organic Weight Loss & Re-Shaping

Initiate Long-Term, Sustainable Weight Loss. Whether you’re aiming to shed pounds, sculpt specific areas, or simply embrace vitality, this retreat promises to leave you feeling lighter and more confident.


Seasonal Group Retreats

REVĪVŌ regularly hosts seasonal group retreats and events that focus on bringing our community together to experience transformational, purposeful wellness retreats and events. Throughout the year we offer a selection of fixed date group retreats and events each focusing on different themes.

14-21 SEPTEMBER 2024

TRI LIVING RETREAT: fungi, botanicals & energy medicine for optimal health

Are you looking for simple, natural solutions to improve your vitality, concentration and health span?

We invite you to press pause on the stresses of daily life and the harmful impact these have on your health. 

9-14 OCTOBER 2024

your life after 40..
With Beth Kruger

A not to be missed, 5 night collaborative retreat with Beth Kruger from Women’s Room & REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort.

Learn Simple and effective daily lifestyle strategies that will have you feeling confident and radiant from the inside out.

12 - 17 OCTOBER 2024

With Kathryn McCusker

Join Kathryn whilst we come together to explore, experience and re-discover ourselves through kundalini yoga, meditation and sound healing.

Focusing on women’s health, happiness and feminine power, we will step away from the daily pressures of life and focus on nurturing ourselves.


Create your own intimate group retreat experience

REVĪVŌ regularly assists to facilitate and host outside retreat groups with multiple indoor and outdoor studio spaces available, as well as group accommodation, activities, workshops and meal plans available to suit every need.