23 November 2020

Watch again: REVĪVŌ at Home – “How to look after your mental health and find emotional balance”

We at REVĪVŌ understand the importance of wellbeing and balance in life, and now, more than ever, it is essential to keep your body, mind and immune system healthy and well.

We are delighted to introduce to you ‘REVĪVŌ at Home’. 

Just as we take care of our physical health, we also need to take care of our mental health. When we are mentally healthy, we can enjoy life and become better at coping with difficult times in our personal and professional lives.

Rewatch our 60 minute wellness round table with 3 exceptional guest speakers 



Ros Banksia-Smith

Having previously been through a major life transformation in relation to her career, Ros is no stranger to adversity and the power of manifestation. Formerly a teacher of Careers, Personal Development & Business, Ros pivoted towards a fascinating journey that began with very humble beginnings.  Working from the verandah of a farmhouse with small children at her feet on an isolated farming property in Australia, to eventually establishing a successful international interior design company, The Interior Space with an awarded portfolio of projects and clients located around the globe.

In January 2019 after being diagnosed with stage 3 cancer 2019 & 2020 saw her on a very different and unexpected path, one of survival. Since completing this journey, Ros can now add author to her list of accomplishments, with the launch of her book COURAGE – I have chosen life and life has chosen me, which is a journal of her account of her time as she danced with the shadow of death. Ros believes our ultimate gift is life and to get a second opportunity to live it fully fills her with gratitude. Given the severity of her tumour, undergoing total reconstruction surgery, being diagnosed with malnutrition and being in the 1% of the population that have a toxic allergic reaction to chemotherapy and unable to complete treatment, her total remission was unexpected. Ros says, “my time with cancer and now dealing with the economic & emotional downturn of Covid-19 has actually been a privilege, it is not often we get an opportunity to learn and grow as a person on such a deep level.  I hope that by sharing my story others will be inspired to see that regardless of circumstances, anything is possible”.

As a gifted speaker and storyteller, Ros is regularly invited to share her knowledge on topics such as business, design, creativity for life and developing a positive mindset.

Mariana De Oliveira Dias

Mariana is a Hong Kong & Macau based Certified Holistic Wellness Consultant and Nutrition Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, Raw Vegan Food Chef and Author with a passion and enthusiasm for living a healthy, sustainable and holistic lifestyle. With the goal of healing her father from serious health complications, Mariana’s wellness journey started over a decade ago when the author decided to change her career path from Law to the unknown world of Holistic Wellness.

Firstly, came the Yoga and the alternative therapies studies, secondly the Sports Nutrition and Holistic Nutrition courses followed by the Raw and Vegan chef certifications. Her passion for teaching and empowering others to live the highest quality of life reflects in all of her creative and professional endeavors: from being part of spa pre-opening teams and spa management trainings in luxurious hotels in Macau, to collaborate with written articles to blogs and magazines, podcasts, teaching platforms and as a speaker at events.

Throughout all elements of her life, Mariana commits herself daily to be the best version of herself. Her passions are being a focused mother, Earth-loving foods, respect for the world around her and sharing her lifestyle with others. The author believes in a slow and sustainable lifestyle without fad diets, quick fixes, calorie restriction or excessive exercise. Mariana enjoys reading, writing and researching, the Author spends a lot of time with her Family, in nature, cooking, practicing yoga and simply being.

Sandra Cohen

Supporting clients in the UK, France and Asia, Sandra combines eastern philosophy of Kinesiology and western science to deliver a powerful executive coaching experience. Helping people to activate their personal strengths to realise their true goals in life and move forward into a greater understanding of why they react as they do in stressful situations. Unlocking inner resources to fully access your potential.

Sandra has previous global business experience in real estate in FRANCE, business development in the luxury goods, insurance sectors & F&B (food and beverages) in ASIA, and kinesiology. Sandra was one of the practitioners at the largest clinic dedicated to Kinesiology in Asia for 6 years before relocating to London where she now serves her global audience.

What is Neuro energetic kinesiology?

This non-invasive east-west technique integrates modern western knowledge of anatomy and physiology with eastern healing practices to identify imbalances and physical disturbances in the body and restore positive energy flows, creating fresh pathways for change. 

Many may not realise that stresses in the body can often originate from separate sources – may it be corporal or emotional. Whether the original is a physical injury, posture, hormonal imbalance, addiction, insomnia, trauma or anxiety, these factors can inhibit the body flow. Targeting the source will lead to not only faster recovery but train the body’s memory to better respond to similar stresses in the future.

Rewatch our 60 minute wellness round table with 3 exceptional guest speakers now